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Simpel, Fast and Tasty (SFT) Food recipe: Mussles Tapa

10 January 2017 | Feelgood Food | evahernandezmiravete

We don’t have time, we are busy. There are more and more coffee shops and cafés in large cities. Adults, but also more and more young people do not know how to cook for themselves. Going out to eat is fun and easy. We already spend a large part of our disposable income to going out to dinner. It adds up at the end of the month.

This mussels recipe is on the table in 15 to 20 minutes. It is delicious, rustic chic and it is a great and light evening meal. You will definitely make a good impression with your friends or a date.

  • 1 to 2 kg of mussles (buy them in the supermarket, local fish seller or market. They are available when the ‘r’ is in the month), scrubbed and debearded so they are clean.
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • ½ a bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • 4 rashers of Spanish serrano ham
  • olive oil
  • 150 ml quality cider Freixenet or sweet dry white wine
  • 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt (no sugar)


  • rustic bread in slices
  • mix 1 big clove of garlic with extra virgin olive oil (if this is too strong for your taste just use regular olive oil).
  • a toaster or grill.

Crush the glove and mix it with the garlic. With a brush or spoon you smooth in out on the bread slices. Put in the toaster or grill until it gets firm and crunchy. Your tastadas are ready. Do this when your mussles are simmering in the pan to safe time.


  1. Peel and finely slice the garlic, pick and roughly chop the herbs, and finely slice the serrano ham.
  2. Heat a lug of olive oil in a large pan on a high heat, add the garlic and the bacon and lower the heat, cook for a couple of minutes, or until golden and crispy, stirring regularly.
  3. Add the mussles in the hot pan. Remove any open mussles (not a bit but completely open). Smell. It has to smell fresh like the sea.
  4. Add the cider or the wine. Cover with a lid and leave to steam for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the mussels have opened and are soft, juicy and delicious. Shake from time to time.
  5. When all the mussles are open, add the yoghurt and the parsley. Taste. Season it with some peppr or salt if necessary (be careful serrano ham is already salty so normally you no not need additional salt).
  6. Let it on a low heat for a few minutes.

Set the table, add your tostadas en enjoy a lovely meal!

Stress free breathing in 15 to 30 minutes

10 January 2017 | Body & Mind | evahernandezmiravete

Breath yourself stress free!..Breathing goes without saying or not at all?

My clients of the Lifestyle Fit Small Group Training and those of the personal health lifestyle program Fit for Life® know that breath is at the core of all my health training products. Both in Latin, Greek and Sanskrit the flow of air is intertwined with the interpretation of ‘that what gives or creates life’’ (the ‘soul’, the spirit and the body). Beyond the spiritual significance of life that flows through us, the exercises which I share with my clients are practical in nature. I start teaching people a combination of breathing techniques that I have learned from experienced Yoga teachers and doctors of the Harvard Medical School to counter and prevent stress responses: deep breathing, ocean breathing or slow conscious breathing.

Stress related complaints

The majority of the people in my training – I bet you too – is accustomed to superficial and high breathing. The fast pace and our busy schedules often make that we hold our breath or have very short expirations. It is an unconscious stress response. Stress cannot only casue high blood pressure, but it undermines our immune system, our endocrine system and our digestion. It can lead to depression, worrying and feelings of anxiety. We literally do not come to rest within ourselves, not in our body and not in our mind.

What are examples of complaints you can experience: fatigue, feelings of unrest, a busy mind, a dysfunctional sleeping pattern, mood swings; a rigid and tense diaphragm, rigid chest muscles, tension in the neck and shoulder muscles as we do not oxygenate and use the lower part of our diaphragm.

Advantages stress free breathing

It feels unsettling and unnatural for most clients to go from unconscious breathing, to practicing present and focused breathing on the basis of different techniques that we apply and develop in the course of time during a training as we increase physical and mental/emotional awareness. It requires exercise and some patience, but it is incredibly effective. The nice thing is that the effects of 10 to 15-minute present, slow and focused breathing are quickly visible, especially in the evening hours or when people are structurally tired: clients who feel embarrassed as they cannot stop yawning, eyes that start tearing, rumbling intestines making funny noises or clients that dose off in the relaxation exercises at the end and even gently start snoring.

My ego certainly doesn’t get bruised , on the contrary, I experience happiness. The parasympathetic system, the relaxation Parking position of our autonomic nervous system, enters into play with all its health effects.

What are the benefits of a regular practice of deep breathing techniques:

  • Decrease of stress-response and stress-related complaints;
  • Better and deeper sleep;
  • More peace of mind and less feelings of unrest in body and mind;
  • More attention to the present moment, being in the ‘now’.
  • It becomes easier to switch from the ‘action’ response to a ‘relaxation’ response.
  • A more flexible body which can reduce feelings of pain
Do you wish to experience stress free deep breathing techniques yourself?

That is possible. You can take part in free Lifestyle Fit Small Training trial classes in Almere, Amstelveen and soon to take place in Amsterdam North in small groups to benefit from a more advantageous rate. Customized Lifestyle Fit private classes with one or more clients are possible. Deep breathing for business and employees are great. In only 15 to 30 minutes everyone returns fresh and more relaxed to work. Request a personal offer. Please inquire via the contact form or

Breathing is about creating space for the present moment to unfold.

Eva Miravete Hernández

Feed the roots of your heart!

22 December 2016 | Blog | evahernandezmiravete

Months it has been quiet from my side. Pause. We do it rarely. Yes, on the TV box, because we are multitasking or busy and we don’t want to miss the sequel. Sometimes, if you pause a movie – that you cannot rewind or fast forward – for too long, it comes to a complete stop. You have no choice as to play the same movie again from the beginning or to choose a different one because you simply have no desire in a re-run.

That is the beauty of a life pause. You create a window-of-opportunity to go back to the beginning, the roots of your heart: the country or the place where you were born, your family line, your past and your personal story. And if the pause is sufficiently long, you might reach out to the remote control to press play once again and unnoticed, your life movie got stuck. You might feel resistance to play the same movie and repeat the familiar scenes you know so well. You might decide to opt for a different movie, a twist in your life story.

Before you do so, take your time and look back. Are you able to take a deep bow out of gratitude to your film producers, the entire crew, the scenery builders and even yourself as a script writer? Because everything and everyone who enters or exits the train of your life story, brings a gift: something positive or negative, cheerfulness or sadness, moments together or loneliness, bad luck or happiness, loss or a new beginning. They give colour to your life. They nurture the roots of your heart and sometimes they even withdraw necessary nutrition. And if you are able to acknowledge and honour everything that comes your way, your heart will become bigger, stronger and more resilient. Even suffering has a life purpose and message. It teaches us to have compassion for ourselves and for the ‘others’ we share life with.

And when darkness comes, like glass and leaded windows, your heart will shine its light from the inside into the eyes of blind fears and worries. So spent attention and life energy to those people and the things that really matter to you, because they are the breeding ground of the roots of your heart.

What can you expect from me and us in 2017? In this media age we will bother you like everybody else with monthly newsletters. We will update our website. We will offer new lifestyle products and inspiration to make you feel fit for life. The voice of my heart, ratio, experience and intuition will continue to resonate in my blog. Because the contact and the exchange with you is a power supply to my heart.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2017 with heart power and lots of laughter!

Eva Miravete Hernández

With a deep bow to the most important women in my life

Health is about leadership

27 January 2016 | Blog | evahernandezmiravete

I have been working out for over twenty years since I was eighteen and I have managed a body-mind centre for ten years. I know the following scenario all too well: the New Year intentions! Full of optimism you see a flow of new and promising faces coming in and a month later half of them already have a good excuse why they do not get off the couch. Wait two or three months more and you have about 10% of your applicants left. Are we all so lazy and don’t we have any willpower whatsoever?

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Pijn als bron van verlichting

25 January 2016 | Blog, Body & Mind, Personal empowerment | Koen Linders

Sinds de organisatie van Body Mind Lifestyle op de Nationale Gezondheidsbeurs in februari van dit jaar, heb ik geen letter meer geschreven voor mijn blog. Zolang ik mij kan herinneren heb ik geleefd met fysieke, geestelijke en emotionele pijn. Chronische klachten in bekken, rug en nek naar aanleiding van een motorongeluk als kind en een sportblessure als tiener. Een diep verdriet en een ondefinieerbare angst was mijn trouwe hond en reisgezel. Het had zich gevormd tot een beklemmende schaduw, sluimerend in de diepte. Het volgde mij op de voet vanuit een onbenoembare tijd en plek die schuilgingen achter het heiligdom van de geheugenpoort. Read more

Ik wil, ik wil…discipline of toewijding?

25 January 2016 | Blog, Personal empowerment | Koen Linders

Het is niet zo vreemd dat de meeste mensen niet echt een positieve associatie hebben met het woord discipline. Ik zie een verzuurd, tenger wiskunde mannetje met een ijzige blik en een liniaal als lippen, ijsberend door een klaslokaal in de jaren twintig. Scheurend kraakbeen van oorvijgen waar Pythagoras geen brood van lust. Mijn ultieme schoolvoorbeeld van disciplinaire tucht zijn Amerikaanse oorlogsfilms.  Een sergeant van mid-veertig, slang aderen kloppend in zijn vuurrode nek, een cortisol gehalte die zijn anus uitspuit, tierend tegen een slungelig, onbeholpen broekie: ‘jij, hoerenzoon, jouw moeder heeft vast haar broer geneukt dat je met zo’n imbeciele kutkop ter wereld bent gekomen. Je bent een schande voor het menselijk ras en het leger! Mijn nichtje van twee met Down is dit beroep nog waardiger dan jij! De boodschap is duidelijk. Echte mannen maak je met constructieve feedback. Read more

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