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Stress free breathing

Deep breathing to reduce stress and return to work fresh and more relaxed!

Deep breathing 

‘Fight or flight’ is known as the stress response. It is a healthy primitive response to keep us from danger and face new challenges. We live in a global reality and we are constantly exposed to information input. Our day-to-day life is often busy and hectic. We face more uncertainties. Regular situations and problems – like worries about money, work, children, relationships and even being stuck in traffic, can therefore trigger the unconscious stress response.

My clients know that breath is at the core of all my health training products. I teach people a combination of breathing techniques that I have learned from experienced Yoga teachers and doctors of the Harvard Medical School to counter and prevent stress responses: deep breathing, ocean breathing or slow conscious breathing.

Daily problems related to stress

The majority of the people in my training – I bet you too – is accustomed to superficial and high breathing. The fast pace and our busy schedules often make that we hold our breath or have very short expirations. Stress cannot only casue high blood pressure, but it undermines our immune system, our endocrine system and our digestion. It can lead to depression, worrying and feelings of anxiety. We literally do not come to rest within ourselves, not in our body and not in our mind.

What are examples of complaints you can experience:

  • fatigue, feelings of unrest, a busy mind, a dysfunctional sleeping pattern, mood swings;
  • a rigid and tense diaphragm, rigid chest muscles, tension in the neck and shoulder muscles as we do not oxygenate and use the lower part of our diaphragm.

What are the benefits of a regular practice of deep breathing techniques:

  • Decrease of stress-response and stress-related complaints;
  • Better and deeper sleep;
  • More peace of mind and less feelings of unrest in body and mind;
  • More attention to the present moment, being in the ‘now’.
  • It becomes easier to switch from the ‘action’ response to a ‘relaxation’ response.
  • A more flexible body which can reduce feelings of pain.
How can we help?

We offer short sessions of 30 minutes – a combination of deep breathing techniques, present awareness and mindfulness techniques to relax the body and the mind to invoke the relaxation response; a state of deep rest.

When working with breathing exercises underlying causes may literally ‘break free’. Burn-out, stressed out, emotions of sorrow, anger, mourning, uncertainty, fear, etc. Within the competences of the trainer and coach we can offer coaching sessions. If the seriousness of the underlying problems are outside the scope of our competences, you will be advised and redirected to good practitioners within or outside the network.


Short sessions of deep breathing or slow conscious breathing are also great for businesses. It is easy to practice in the working space. You can inquire via or our contact form.

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