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Massage therapy

You are welcome for massage therapy in Amstelveen and in Amsterdam Noord (North).

Do you experience?
  • Back, shoulder and neck problems;
  • undefined stress-related pain;
  • physical fatigue;
  • tension headaches and difficulty with sleeping;
  • very stiff muscles, sports-related complaints;
  • difficulty relaxing;
Pain and tension

Pain and tension are experienced as negative, ‘something’ annoying we want to get rid of. We tend to seek relief with pain killers , muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory agents or medication. These counter the symptoms. It is important to look at the underlying cause. Pain, cramps, stiffness, inflammation or their consequences such as fatigue, a lack of sleep and energy have a signal function.

It is important to first restore the function and recover the freedom of movement of a joint or muscle before we start to work out or to perform exercises. Massage therapy is a means to help reduce muscle tension. In combination with physio-, ortho manual therapy or osteopathy a function can be restored. Targeted muscle training helps to ensure a healthy way of moving and of ‘core’ stability.

In the case of chronic back, neck and shoulder complaints we often see that the function of a joint is limited in its movement. The body is trying to slow down the movement and is compensating by using other muscles instead. You will (un)consciously move in a different ways . This leads to cramps, irritation and tension in certain muscles and the weakening of other muscles.

Benefits of massage therapy
  • Reduces and resolves muscle stiffness and pain;
  • Reduces stress-related complaints;
  • Accelerates the healing process of injuries;
  • Allows for deeper relaxation, reducing headaches pains and sleeping rhythm disorders.
Locations massage therapy
  • The address for massage therapy Amstelveen is Legmeerdijk 272a, 1187NL. Customers of our lifestyle program receive an additional discount on the pricelist (Lifestyle Fit Small Group Training, Lifestyle Fit Personal Training, Mindfulness MBSR) .
  • The address for massage therapy Amsterdam Noord is Health Club The Crunch, Vlierweg 44, 1032 LG Amsterdam. Members of The Crunch have a client discount.

Eva is among others certified at the international school of physiotherapy Thim van der Laan, NGS (National Society for Sports Massage) and follows an education for Medical Fitness trainer. She speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German.

Massage therapyPrices
Head - neck - shoulders
45 minutes
€ 50
Back - neck - shoulders
60 minutes
€ 60
Sportmassage legs
Front and back 60 minutes
€ 60
Extra: Thai herbal heat compress & pain relief
15 minutes
€ 22,50
Client discount Lifestyle Program
60 minuten
Thai stamps
€ 50
€ 15
5-goes card 60 min
(validity 6 months, individual card)
€ 275,00
10-goes card 60 min
(validity 6 months, family card)
€ 500,00

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