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Janice Tsang

About Intro BOOST for Change

“I have learned to be less reactive to people that I experience as being negative. Fun training for when you feel stuck and you need tools to become more aware and be able to make a change.“

Gerie Mienes

About Intro BOOST for Change

“I would recommend the training because the content is relevant. It is always good to know more about yourself”.

Marco Mudde

About Intro BOOST for Change

“A good base to define your future goals as clear as possible.“

Oscar Mollee

On intro boost for Change

“What I liked about the the training is that it was clear, but also cheerful and playful. I have learned to think much more proactvely. I really found the quality to be a 9.’

Merlin Lioe-a-Joe

About Intro BOOST for Change

“I have learned that in many situations I have influence on the process and the outcome of a situation. You can choose your behaviour. You can take a moment and be aware of the behavior of another person and decide how you wish to respond in a more conscious way. It is an active training that will give you as a participant insight into your personal drives and motivation.”

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